42 cm niidulaiusega muruniiduk

  • Koos 2,5 AH aku ja standardlaadijaga
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42cm lai lõiketera ning 2.5 Ah aku tähendavad, et see EGO Power+ niiduk sobib pigem kompaksemasse aeda. Valida saab nii multšimise, 55L kogumiskotti korjamise kui ka tagantpoolt väljeviske vahel. 2.5 Ah aku ning standardlaadija kuuluvad komplekti..


The LM1701E is especially suitable for smaller gardens - perhaps thanks to the brushless motor it is able to mow up to 400 m2 in one charge. For working in tight conditions, the mowing width of 42 cm is extremely suitable. If desired, the grass can be collected in a 55L collection bag, rear discharge as well as mulching (requires accessory with code ABP1700). The EGO Arc Lithium 56V battery is capable of delivering at least the same amount of energy as a motor mower. The device comes with both a 2.5Ah battery and a standard charger to run the brushless motor. Using a battery means eliminating the cost and maintenance associated with gasoline engines. If you wish, you can use the optional roller with code AR1700 to achieve perfect stripes on the lawn. The mower can be moved to an upright position for both cleaning and storage, so it takes up less space.

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